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Gardening Services, for us, is a true labour of love additionally Our team has been providing passionate services for one year, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients by meeting the established goals within the cost, schedule and quality objectives.

Plant.pk provides offers a full range of gardening services to fulfill your gardening requirements. Which includes plants delivery and consultations. Help on selection of plants, maintenance of the garden, interior decor, landscaping, and anything that you want.

We cater both homeowners and commercial area furthermore our design team is very creative and well trained to meet your expectations of gardening services. We have this realization that both types of landscapes must be pleasing and soothing to eyes and functional for their intended use. It takes a talented designer to see the difference between creating a lawn for the commercial area and a lawn for the family with kids.

Plant.Pk gardening services:

Here are some common gardening services that you can get at Plant.Pk:

  • Plant Sales:
    We at plant.pk sell a wide range of plants, including flowers, shrubs, trees, and also herbs and vegetables.
  • Landscaping Advice:
    Plant.Pk offers advice on landscaping, helping customers choose plants that are well-suited for their gardens and providing tips on placement and care.
  • Planting Services:
    We offer planting services, through our professional landscapers.
  • Soil and Fertilizer Recommendations:
    We always love provide guidance on soil types and fertilizers suitable for different plants.
  • Plant Health Care:
    Advice and provision of pest control, disease prevention, and general plant health is often available.
  • Delivery Services:
    One of our major services includes plants delivery and landscaping materials.
  • Educational Workshops:
    Plant.Pk often organize workshops or events to educate customers on gardening techniques, plant care, and related topics.
  • Custom Container Planting:
    We create custom plant arrangements for customers, such as potted plants or hanging baskets.
  • Seasonal Offerings:
    We adapt inventory based on the season, providing seasonal plants and decorations.
  • Garden Supplies:
    In addition to plants, we sell gardening supplies such as pots, soil, mulch, tools, and watering equipment.
  • Consultation Services:
    We are one of the most specialized nurseries to offer consultation services for specific projects, such as designing a garden or selecting plants for a particular environment.
  • Online Sales:
    Plant.Pk also has a e-commerce online platforms where customers can browse and purchase plants and gardening supplies.
  • Plant Rentals:
    We often provide plant rental services for events, weddings, or other occasions.

All the work is supervised and coordinated from the initial consultation, the conception of your idea to the final stage of completion. We stand by our mission to provide you with the best gardening services at the most affordable prices.

Check out our services in detail, and feel free to contact us.

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