Seed Starter

Seed starter is a growing medium or container designed to promote seed germination and early growth. It provides the best environment for the seeds to germinate and develop into healthy seedlings that can be transplanted into large containers or directly into the garden.Here are some types of seeds to get you started:

  • Seed Starting Mix:
    This is a specially formulated soil mix that is light, sterile and well-drained. It usually consists of a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite.
  • Seed Trays or Starter Pots:
    These are containers specifically designed to start seeds. Seed trays often have separate cells or compartments for each seed, making it easy to replace seedlings without damaging their roots.
  • Jiffy Pellets or Peat Pellets:
    These are compressed discs of peat or coir that expand when submerged in water. Seeds are sown directly into the pellets and when the seedlings are ready the entire pellets are planted into the soil.
  • Grow Lights:
    Especially in spring or winter, when natural sunlight is not sufficient, lighting can be used to provide the necessary light to the plants. This is especially important for starting seeds at home.
  • Healthier Plants:
    The controlled environment provided by seed starting often results in healthier, stronger seedlings. This helps create strong plants when they eventually move outdoors, making them more effective in the garden.
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