Summer Sun Shade

A summer sun shade is a device or structure designed to provide shade and protect people from strong sunlight during the hot season. Providing shade to plants during the hot summer months is important to prevent heat stress and heat. Here are a few types of summer shades:

  • Umbrellas and Parasols:
    These portable and adjustable devices are frequently used on beaches, outdoor cafes and gardens. They come in many sizes and designs.
  • Sun Shades or Sail Shades:
    These are large pieces of fabric or canvas that are stretched and durable to create a shaded area. They are generally used in outdoor areas such as terraces, terraces and parks.
  • Awning:
    A retractable or fixed structure attached to the exterior of the house, usually over a window or door, providing shade and reducing exposure to sunlight. Room temperature.
  • Canopy:
    Similar to an awning, a canopy is an upper cover usually made of fabric or metal. They may be independent or attached to a structure.
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