Grafting Tool

Grafting tool are special tool, we use them for grafting process in horticulture and agriculture. Grafting is a process that combines the tissue of one plant (the scion) with the tissue of another plant (the root stock), allowing them to grow together as one plant. Gardner’s use this method to propagate plants, create new varieties, or improve the overall health and vitality of existing plants. There are many types of these tools. Additionally they are available in each design for a specific grafting method. Some types include:

  • Grafting Knife:
    Sharp, thin-edged blade for precise cutting of shoots and root stocks. The blade needs to be kept clean and sharp to cut cleanly and promote good grafting.
  • Budding Knife:
    Similar to the grafting knife, we design budding knife for budding or T-budding techniques. Budding knife have a curve blade. Further more we use this usually to make a T-shaped cut in the stock.
  • Pruning Shears/Secateurs:
    Use them to trim branches, leaves and over growth before and after grafting. Additionally they are available in many shapes and sizes, with bypass designs. We often prefer them for clean cleaning.
  • Grafting Tool with Omega Blade:
    Some specialised grafting tools feature omega-shaped blades designed to make precise cuts that ensure a strong, secure connection.
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