Bush Cutter

A bush cutter, also known as a clearing saw, is a power tool or machine used to cut thick vegetation, thick bushes, and small trees. It is often used in landscaping, agriculture, forestry and other outdoor maintenance where a standard lawn mower or trimmer would not be suitable.

  • Key features :
    The main features of traditional brush cutters include a powerful engine, a fixed blade or cutting head and a robust design that can cope with rough and difficult terrain. These tools often have metal blades rather than cord-style trimming lines, allowing them to cut through tough plants.
  • Sizes and types:
    Brush cutters are available in many sizes and styles, from manual models suitable for small jobs to larger. More powerful machines mounted on backpacks or wheels, with tires for heavy use. Some models are designed for professional use, while others are suitable for homeowners or casual users.
  • Safety guidelines:
    It is important to follow safety instructions when using a toothbrush because these machines are powerful and potentially dangerous. Protective equipment such as safety glasses, ear defenders, gloves and sturdy shoes are often recommended. It is also important to understand the operating and maintenance procedures for correct and efficient use of the toothbrush.
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