Plant Tags

Plant tags are letters or symbols that identify specific plants. These labels are often attached to plants when they are sold or grown and are used for a variety of purposes, including names and botanical names, making gardeners’ work easier. Identify and remember living plants that they have.

  • Cultural information:
    Notes will include plant care information such as sunlight, water needs, soil preferences and pruning tips. This helps gardeners provide the best conditions for plants to grow.
  • Mature Size:
    Contracts will indicate the need for mature plants and help farmers plan available space in the garden.
  • Blooming Season:
    Notes can provide detailed information about the spring season for flowering plants, allowing farmers to plan seasonally to enjoy their landscapes.
  • Special Features:
    The label may contain information about the plant’s special characteristics or characteristics, such as flower scent, fall foliage color, or wildlife attraction.
  • Instructions:
    Some plants come with specific instructions, such as how to use them in the landscape, whether they are suitable for containers, or whether they are suitable for cutting flowers.
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