Sprinklers & Showers

Sprinklers and showers are often associated with water distribution rather than growing equipment. We are talking about using sprays and showers for planting in a creative way, here are some explanations:

  • Seed germination:
    We can plant under water or under a shower to simulate. natural rain. seed germination.Additionally this gentle watering method helps prevent seed change and ensures even moisture distribution.
  • Watering Plants:
    Gardner’s use Sprinklers to water plants in the garden or lawn. Additionally they offer a wide range of services and can be adjusted to deliver quality water to the ground.
  • Create a rain forest environment:
    If we create a wetland or forest-like environment with plants for some purpose, we can use an overhead shower to try to keep the rain under control. Further more this should be done carefully to avoid over watering.
  • Water Plants:
    For small plants or potted plants that may be sensitive to direct watering, a shower attachment with a hose spout can provide a sensitive option. Further more this helps prevent soil erosion and damage to plants.
  • Hydroponic System:
    In the hydroponic system, water is sent directly to the roots of the plants. Although not the same as a vacuum cleaner or shower, this method involves controlling and focusing the use of water and nutrients.
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