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Sprinkler irrigation is a method in which water is applied similar to rainwater. Most of the water is distributed through the water supply system. Further more it is then sprayed into the air and watered with sprinklers along the ground, causing it to break down into small water droplets that fall to the ground. Additionally sprinkler heads can be fixed or rotatable.

Do you need to decide which type of sprinkler irrigation system is right for you, but don’t know where to begin? The system that will work best for you depends on a number of factors including the size of your yard and type of landscaping. Additionally before you make a decision, learn about the different types of sprinkler irrigation systems:

  1. Fixed Sprinkler System:
    • Fixed Sprinkler Heads: These are fixed sprinkler heads that spray water in a fixed pattern. Further more they are suitable for small and medium areas.
    • Drip Irrigation: Although sprinklers are not always used, drip irrigation often sends water directly to the roots of plants through pipes and drippers.
  2. Rotary System:
    • Rotary Heads: These heads have rotating nozzles that spray water in a circular manner. Additionally they are suitable for large areas and are often used in agriculture.
    • Pulse Sprinklers: These sprinklers use water to rotate the head. They are often used in large lawns and agriculture.
  3. Mobile or Mobile Irrigation:
    • Mobile Sprinkler Systems: These are self-propelled sprinklers mounted on wheels that move along the road. They are generally used on large farms.
  4. Center Pivot Irrigation:
    • Pivot Systems: These systems consist of long pipes with sprinkler heads arranged along their length. The pipes are supported by wheel towers that slowly move in a circular pattern, irrigating the area.
  5. Drip Irrigation:
    • Drip Irrigation Lines or Pipes: Drip Irrigation will send water directly to the base of the plant through a network of tubes, pipes, and drippers. Additionally this is a great way to save water and is often used in agriculture and construction.
  6. Subsurface Drip Irrigation:
    • Buried drip: In this system, the drip line is buried under the soil surface and sends water directly to the root area of ​​the plant. In addition to this it reduces water loss through evaporation.
  7. Micro-Sprinklers:
    • Mini Sprinklers: These are small sprinklers designed for a specific area or product. Further more they are often used in orchards and gardens.
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