Flower Seeds
Winter in Pakistan brings along with it many gorgeous and fragrant flowers that are in full bloom. You can get flower seeds online.

  1. Types of Flower Seeds:
    • Annuals: These flowers complete their life span in single season. They grow, flower, set seed, and die in a one year. Examples are marigolds, zinnias, and sunflowers.
    • Perennials: Constant flowers live for minimum three years. They usually go through a span of dormancy in winter and grow in the spring again. Examples are roses, daisies, and tulips.
    • Biennials: Biennial flowers lives minimum two-year. They mostly form leaves in the first year, flower and set seed in the second year, and then expire. Examples are foxgloves and hollyhocks.
  2. Buying Flower Seeds:
    • Flower seeds are widely found at garden centers, nurseries, and flower seed online retailers. When purchasing seeds, keep in mind the factors such as the plant’s growth habits, preferred growing conditions, and the type of weather in your area.
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