Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants are many organisms that grow outdoors in their natural habitat. They can include many types of plants, from flowers to trees, shrubs, and grasses. Some categories of outdoor plants include:

  • Flowering Plants:
    This plant lives for more than two years and usually blooms seasonally. For example, roses, tulips and daisies.
    These plants complete their life cycle in one growing season. Marigold, petunia and zinnia are annual flowers.
  • Trees:
    Deciduous Trees:
    Like maple and oak in spring.
    Evergreen trees:
    They retain their leaves all year round, such as pine and spruce.
  • Shrubs:
    Flowering Shrubs:
    For example, hydrangeas, azaleas and lilacs. Evergreen Shrubs: Boxwood, holly, and juniper are shrubs that retain their leaves year-round.
  • Grasses:
    Ornamental Grasses:
    They are generally used in landscaping and come in different heights and colours.
    Lawn Grasses: It is commonly used for grass varieties such as bluegrass, Bermuda grass and fescue.
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