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**Antirrhinum (Snapdragon):**

Antirrhinum, commonly referred to as Snapdragon, is a colourful flowering plant with extraordinary tubular blooms equivalent to a dragon’s face. The vegetation grow on tall spikes, developing an stylish vertical show.

severa cultivars exist, supplying a wide range of colors, together with crimson, crimson, yellow, and white. a few types function bicolored or speckled petals.

**growing Season:**
Snapdragons thrive in cool weather. Plant seeds in early spring or overdue fall for best increase. they are often dealt with as annuals, however a few types behave as perennials in milder climates.

**sunlight and Soil:**
those flowers decide upon complete sun however can tolerate partial shade. well-draining soil with moderate fertility is good for snapdragons.

Snapdragons vary in top, with dwarf sorts attaining round 6-15 inches (15-38 cm) and taller kinds developing up to 3 feet (ninety cm) or more.

– hold the soil always wet however now not waterlogged.
– Deadhead spent flowers to inspire non-stop blooming.
– Fertilize with a balanced, all-motive fertilizer.
– Snapdragons appeal to pollinators and are typically low-preservation.

**makes use of:**
Snapdragons are famous in gardens, borders, and boxes. They upload vertical hobby and are brilliant as reduce plant life for preparations due to their lengthy-lasting blooms.

**be aware:**
while snapdragons are normally hardy, they will face issues like rust or aphids. address pests directly for healthful plant growth.

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4.50450.00 (-36%)

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