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  • NPK fertilizers provide a balance of essential nutrients.
  • NPK fertilizers can increase crop yields.
  • It needs only a single application.
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NPK have three important elements that plants need in large quantities and form the basis of many fertilizers, including this fertilizer. It take their name from these three elements and are frequently used in agriculture to provide plants with the nutrients they need to grow. Using NPK has many benefits in growing crops and crops:

  • Optimized Growth and Development:

    Green Panzo NPK provide a balance of essential nutrients that support overall plant growth and development.

    Nitrogen supports foliar and vegetative growth, phosphorus helps root growth and flowering, and potassium helps with the overall health and stress of the plant.

  • Increased Yield:

    It can increase crop yields by providing plants with essential nutrients in the right proportions.

    Each nutrient has a specific role in the plant’s life cycle, assisting with all aspects of growth, development and fruiting.

  • Improved Plant Health:

    It promotes the necessary synthesis of nitrogen, protein and chlorophyll, improves photosynthesis and all important plants. Phosphorus promotes strong roots and helps plants absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

    Potassium contributes to disease resistance, stress and control of plant cell water balance.

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1,220.001,250.00 (-2%)

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