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Genus: Allamanda

Species: cathartica

Family: Apocynaceae

Uses (Ethnobotany): Leaves and roots are used as a laxative and emetic in traditional medicine, but large doses are toxic.

Life Cycle: Annual

Perennial Woody

Recommended Propagation Strategy: Stem Cutting

Country Or Region Of Origin: Tropical America, and Brazil

Distribution: Central America, India, Asia

Particularly Resistant To (Insects/Diseases/Other Problems): moist soil

Climbing Method: Twining

Allamanda cathartica

Common Name(s): AllamandaGolden-TrumpetGolden, Trumpet Vine, Yellow Allamanda
Phonetic Spelling
al-ah-MAN-dah kah-THAR-tik-ah
This plant has low severity poison characteristics.


Allamanda cathartica, or Allamanda, is a genus of tropical, tender, perennial evergreen. There are 15 species of Allamanda found in South and Central America and commonly grown in gardens throughout the tropics, where some species have become naturalised and even invasive. In temperate countries such as the United States, they are grown as greenhouse plants or houseplants for their freely produced, brightly coloured, golden yellow flowers that contrast with the shiny dark green leaves.

Allamanda forms a sprawling shrub or woody climber that tends to sprawl and twine itself around a support and will need to be tied to a trellis or other support. If grown outdoors in the landscape, the plants should be cut back and overwintered as indoor container plants before the first freeze. Note that, once indoors, the plant requires a site with bright light. Whether indoors or out, the plant does require ample moisture and good drainage.

Diseases, Insect Pests, and Other Plant Problems:

No known diseases or insect pests.

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450.001,450.00 (-69%)

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