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  • This improves the plant’s overall health and nutrient utilisation.
  • It promotes the rooting of cuttings and increases the success of reproduction.
  • It increase crop yields by supporting root health.
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Bio Stimulants Rooting Hormone are generally derived from natural sources such as plant extracts and other organic materials. Their function is to provide plants with various connections and materials. That support physiological processes, including root growth.

  • Improved Root Growth:
    The main purpose of bio stimulating rooting hormones is to stimulate plant root growth. This is especially true when planting or creating new plants. improve its structure, water retention and aeration.
  • Cuttings and Cloning:
    Bio stimulants are often used when propagating plants from cuttings or clones. It promotes the rooting of cuttings and increases the success of reproduction.
  • Seed Germination:
    The use of Bio stimulants during seed germination stimulates root growth in the early stages of plant development, making seedlings stronger and more durable.
  • Transplanting:
    When plants are transplanted, their root systems may undergo stress. Bio-stimulant rooting hormones can help minimise this stress and promote the development of new roots in the new planting location.
  • Faster Establishment of Plants:
    The use of bio stimulating rooting hormones in the early stages of plant growth can promote faster rooting and allow plants to grow faster.
  • Enhanced Crop Yield:
    Bio stimulants can help increase crop yields by supporting root health. A strong, extensive root system supports large, healthy plants.
  • Increased Nutrient Uptake:
    The improved root system increases the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. This improves the plant’s overall health and nutrient utilisation.

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5,500.007,500.00 (-27%)

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