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  1. It is safe for all plants.
  2. It guarantees not to burn when used as directed and starts to work instantly.
  3. Use on all flowers, all vegetables, houseplants, roses and all trees and shrubs.
  4. For best results, feed every 7-14 days when plants are actively growing.


Solo Pack Plant Food is a type of plant fertilizer or feed, are nutrients obtained from natural sources without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. In addition of these types of foods are frequently preferred by organic farmers and ranchers who care about environmental and cultural safety.

  • Environmentally Friendly:
    Solo pack Plant food organic comes from natural sources, reducing dependence on synthetic chemicals and reducing the environmental impact associated with agriculture.
  • Sustainable Nutrient Release:
    They slowly release nutrients as they decompose, providing plants with a stable, continuous source of nutrients.
  • Enhanced Microbial Activity:
    Plant nutrients encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil. Further more these bacteria aid the cycle, increase soil fertility and help control diseases.
  • Healthier Plants:
    They provide nutritious and effective nutrients that make plants healthy and resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Long-Term Soil Health:
    Using the same plant nutrients increases the long-term health and fertility of your soil. Additionally healthy soil encourages plant growth and helps sustain agriculture for future generations.
  • Safe for Beneficial Insects:
    Avoiding the use of pesticides and fertilizers in organic farming is beneficial to insects and other organisms in the ecosystem.

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8,000.009,500.00 (-16%)

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