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Pot Size : 18″
Plant Height 6-7 feet

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Cassia nodosa, a medium sized deciduous tree, grows to about 10-20mt. in height, fast growing shrub and bears a spreading crown. The leaves measure 6-12inches in length, with 6 – 13 pairs of oblong – oval, and opposite, leathery, smooth and pointed leaflets. Flowers are bright pink or white, and measure approximately 5 cm in diameter. The 30-70 cm long Cassia nodosa seed pods are cylindrical in shape, and turn black on maturity. Seeds are numerous along the entirw length of fruit. The timer of Cassia nodosa is hard and easily cut, and is generally used flooring purposes, construction, and making furniture and other items. it is used as anti microbial, anti oxidant etc. it flowers from April-September.

Botanical Name Cassia nodosa

Common Name Palawan cherry, Pink shower,

Pink-and-white shower

Synonyms Cassia nodosa Buch.-Ham. ex Roxb.

Collection Locale Eastern Himalayas

Altitude 1400-4800 ft

Seed Collection period May. – Oct.

Seed Longevity 1-2 year

Seed Purity 99%

Seed Treatment Usual Germination 30-90%

Characteristics Evergreen, Timber, Specimen Tree
Seed Counts per KG 14500-14800

Plant Average Height 10-20mt.

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6,500.0012,500.00 (-48%)

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