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  • Fish meal organic fertilizer is a rich source of nutrients that is good for plant growth and soil health.
  • It is a nutritious food essential for plant growth and development.
  • It enhances deep green colour.
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Fish Meal Organic Fertilizer is an important fertiliser that we can obtain from fish, additionally fish waste generated during fishing. Fish meal is a rich source of nutrients that is good for plant growth and soil health. There are Some important benefits of using fish meal as organic fertiliser.

  • Protein:
    Fish meal organic fertilizer is a nutritious food essential for plant growth and development.
  • NPK Ratio:
    It contains a lot of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), which makes it useful.
  • Vegetable Gardens:
    It can be used to make cold water in the vegetable garden to promote the growth of plants in addition of this fish meal is suitable for flower beds and increases the fertility of the soil.
  • Fruit Trees:
    It can be used around the base of fruit trees to provide slow release of nutrients.
  • Organic Certification:
    For a fish to be considered organic. It must come from fish raised according to organic standards further more It is very important to check the organic certification of the product.
  • Environmental Impact:
    The use of fish meal as a fertiliser is environmental friendly, as it utilises fish waste. Additionally when we use fish meal as  fertiliser, it is best to incorporate it throughout your farm.

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650.002,250.00 (-24%)

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