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  • General Hydroponics MaxiBloom is a dry, concentrated nutrient formula.
  • MaxiBloom provides a combination of essential nutrients.
  • This helps meet the plant’s specific needs during the critical growth period.


General Hydroponic MaxiBloom is a dry, concentrated nutrient formula designed for use in hydroponic systems, hydroponic growers and soil systems. It is part of the General Hydroponics Maxi series, which also includes MaxiGro and MaxiGrow. MaxiBloom is specifically designed for the flowering and fruiting stages of plant growth.

  • Purpose:
    MaxiBloom is designed to provide plants with the necessary nutrients during the flowering and fruiting stages and to support healthy flower and fruit development.
  • Usage Tips:
    Follow the manufacturer’s mixing and application instructions. Adjust nutrient density according to the plant’s specific needs and growth stage.
  • Availability:
    MaxiBloom generally has many varieties to meet the needs of hobbyists and growers alike.
  • Optimised Nutrient Ratios:
    MaxiBloom is designed to provide a combination of essential nutrients, with a focus on increasing phosphorus levels during the flowering and fruiting stages. This helps meet the plant’s specific needs during the critical growth period.
  • Cost-Effective:
    Dry food products like MaxiBloom are more expensive than liquid products. The concentrated nature of the product means that when mixed well with water, a small amount can go a long way, benefiting growers.

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15,599.0018,500.00 (-16%)

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