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  • It helps to stimulate root growth.
  • This can be useful when transplanting rooting cuttings.
  • Use this product to achieve uniform and even results.


HORMONE ROOTING POWDER is a product used in horticulture and horticulture to promote successful propagation of plant cuttings. The main purpose of hormonal rooting powder is to stimulate root growth of the cuttings, increasing the chances of the cuttings turning into new independent plants. Benefits of hormone rooting powder is as follows:

  • Improved Rooting Success:
    Its main benefit is ensuring successful root development. The hormones in the rooting powder stimulate root growth and help the cuttings develop into new plants.
  • Faster Root Formation:
    Rooting hormones speed up the rooting process, allowing new plants to grow faster.
  • Increased Plant Uniformity:
    When propagating plants from cuttings, use a rooting hormone to achieve uniform and even results. This is especially important in a business environment where large and growing plants are required.
  • Enhanced Stress Resistance:
    Plants propagated with the help of rooting hormones may be more resistant to shock and other stresses. This can be useful when transplanting rooted cuttings to their final growth site.
  • Versatility:
    Rooting hormones are available for many plant species, making them suitable for different garden and garden applications.

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4,999.006,500.00 (-23%)

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