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Certainly, here’s a short and precise description of orange, yellow, golden, and French marigolds:

1. **Orange Marigold:**
– **Color:** Vibrant orange petals.
– **Characteristics:** Typically medium-sized flowers with a distinctive citrusy hue.
– **Common Varieties:** Tagetes erecta (African marigold) and Tagetes patula (French marigold) often include orange varieties.

2. **Yellow Marigold:**
– **Color:** Bright yellow blossoms.
– **Appearance:** Compact to medium-sized flowers with a sunny and cheerful appearance.
– **Types:** Both African and French marigold species feature varieties with yellow blooms.

3. **Golden Marigold:**
– **Color:** Rich golden-yellow petals.
– **Features:** Compact and bushy plants with abundant golden flowers.
– **Varieties:** Several cultivars of Tagetes patula fall into the golden marigold category.

4. **French Marigold:**
– **Color Range:** Available in shades of orange, yellow, and golden.
– **Size:** Generally smaller in size compared to African marigolds.
– **Characteristics:** Often used for edging, borders, and in containers, providing a burst of color.

These marigold varieties are popular choices in gardens and landscapes, admired for their vibrant colors, easy care, and ability to repel certain pests. Whether used for ornamental purposes or as companion plants in vegetable gardens, marigolds add a lively and cheerful touch to outdoor spaces.

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3.50550.00 (-30%)

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